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كاردستي هاي جالب با سر بطري




Check out bottle-cap artist Amanda Willshire's amazing studio and work
​Amanda Willshire is busy. Really busy. She works as a graphic designer and website developer and she's currently getting ready to help one of her clients promote herself during the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars (she's keeping her lips sealed about who her client is). Willshire is also working to complete pieces of her bottle cap art for commission and has just been asked by the Great Divide Brewing Company to make five pieces from their bottle caps to represent their five icons for their tap room.
Willshire gets a lot of bottle caps. She brings mounted bottle openers and catches she's made from, yes, bottle caps, to local businesses like Highland Tavern, Bluebird Theater, Ogden Theater, and Highland Tap and Burger, and they collect caps for her. She also gets caps from her friends and her neighbors. Willshire says that the constraint of having to work with the colors of beer caps keeps her creative. "Green is hard to find," she says. "But, I get a lot of Bud, Bud Light, Corona and Coors Light."

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+2 # پریسا 1393-06-23 06:56
جالب ولی سخت...
پاسخ دادن | گزارش تخلف به مدیر
+4 # مریم 1393-01-31 08:41
خیلی جالب و خلاقانه بود
پاسخ دادن | گزارش تخلف به مدیر
+4 # محدثه 1393-01-21 18:25
واقعا شگفت انگيزن
پاسخ دادن | گزارش تخلف به مدیر
+2 # melina 1392-09-21 10:49
ادم باید بترکه که تا این همه در بطری جمع بکنه که
پاسخ دادن | گزارش تخلف به مدیر
+5 # ارغوان 1392-09-14 09:35
خیلی جالب بود.
پاسخ دادن | گزارش تخلف به مدیر
+2 # پریسا 1393-06-23 06:59
منم دارم جم میکنم .....
پاسخ دادن | گزارش تخلف به مدیر

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