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محصولات خلاقانه برای افراد تنبل


The ridiculous products for the people who simply cannot be bothered

Ever wondered just how much energy you could save in a day if you didn't have to stir your cup of tea or pull up your socks in the morning?

Well now you can find out with this range of bizarre gadgets designed with the super idle in mind, which have been unleashed on the U.S. market.

From Refrigerators that pour your beer for you, to slippers that mop the floor as you walk inventors with too much time on their hands have come up with ways to save even more.

Mechanical cones twist your ice cream to save on drips, while a tea bag dunker protects the wrists from repetitive strain injury.
And if going to the gym is getting you down you can always just fake it with an odd metal contraption, designed to be worn under the shirt to push flab through in a grid pattern. And voila, fake abs!

برای تنبلهایی که حال تی کشیدن کف خانه شان را ندارند

What do you get the guy who has everything? Or just doesn't like getting his hands dirty? slippers that dust the floor as you walk, of course! Just watch out for broken glass...

Self Stirring Mug برای تنبلهایی که حال هم زدن چای یا قهوه شان را ندارند !!!

You know life is going downhill when you can't even be bothered to stir your own mug of tea or coffee. And what happens when you want to take a slurp? This self stirring mug is surely one of the most useless products around

برای تنبلهایی که عاشق داشت سیکس پک هستند!

Now this is just baffling. Surely all the abhancer does is imprint painful red lines on your torso? And imagine the shame if you were discovered wearing one! Nonetheless, 'Chicks dig it,' apparently...

برای تنبلهایی که حال نگه داشتن کتابشان را در حال مطالعه درازکش ندارند!!!

You mean you actually hold your own book when you read, dahhhling? I'm far too important for that! The automatic book reading chair puts the reader at the perfect angle, but does it turn the page for you?

برای تنبلهایی که وقتی بستنی می خورند زبانشان خسته می شود!!!

Isn't your tongue supposed to do the work of the motorized ice cream cone? Eating a scoop will never be the same again, nor as enjoyable. And what's an ice cream without a waffle cone? You might as well just have it in a bowl

برای تنبلهایی که حال بالا کشیدن جورابشان را ندارند

This is just plain ridiculous. Surely the effort to put the sock on this weird foot-dressing device would be about equal to what it would take to just pull it on yourself? The sock buddy is one to miss

پوست موز کن برای افرادی که حالش را ندارند!!

Ok this one could actually be pretty useful: How often do you ruin a banana by squiding the end when you don't quite get the right angle to open it? This one peels itself. The only hitch being that it takes 10 minutes to work

نگهدارنده تی بگ در لیوان همراه با تایمر

Alright so the penguin tea timer really is pretty lazy, but for the forgettful it's ideal. There's nothing more disapointing than an over brewed cuppa and this little fellow will make sure that doesn't happen to you

چنگال گردشی برای خوردن اسپاگتی

The twirling spaghetti fork looks quite frankly downright dangerous. With all that sauce-covered pasta whipping round at high speed it is surely a receipe for disaster. On the other hand no spoon equals less washing up

دستگاه پنکیک ساز برای تنبل ها

This pancake machine could actually be a hidden gem among some of the more useless products, saving on mess in making what is a staple part of the all-American diet. And they stack themselves - genius

تخم مرغهای آب پز آماده برای تنبلها

If you're so lazy you can't face boiling an egg you deserve the solid crumbly yolk that it will inevitably yield, unlike the cooked-to-perfection innards shown on the packet

Automatic Ball Thrower توپ پرت کن برای سگ افراد تنبل

Sure, your dog needs exercise, but why should you have to suffer, too? GoDogGo's automatic fetch machine pitches balls at 7- or 15-second intervals via remote control. Now, not only can you can sit idly in a lawn chair while Fido bolts back and forth, but you can also completely ignore your pet at the same time. Win-win!

Electronic Spin the Bottle Game دستگاه بطری بازی اتوماتیک

There's a new twist on the age-old kissing game: Spin the bottle has gone electronic! Jazzed up with flashing lights, sound effects and programmable commands, this plastic bottle whizzes around all by itself. Because that's what hormonal teens huddled together in a dark basement care about—less spinning.

Snowball Maker قالب ساخت گوله برفی

You'd think someone would have invented something years ago to keep hands dry and warm in the snow. Oh right, they did. They're called gloves. But when those aren't enough, consider using this device to fastidiously create a snowball for your next fight. Like an ice-cream scoop for nature, the lightweight contraption will deliver perfectly formed snowballs each and every time, no need to get wet, messy…or have any fun.

Stargazing Chair صندلی تماشای ستاره ها با دوربین دو چشمی

There's nothing better than gazing up at a canopy of stars on a crisp, clear night. But a sore neck from all that Milky Way admiration can ruin your evening faster than a storm cloud. If you have $1,950, then a crick-free neck is yours for the taking. The reclined StarSeeker Chair has a joystick-controlled rotating base and holders for binoculars. Don't have the dough? Consider the more affordable option: lying down on the ground. It's free.

Teapot Pourer چای ساز با امکان ریزش چای درون استکان بدون بلند کردنش

Whether you sprained your wrist playing badminton or it's your servant's day off, you won't have to worry about lifting a finger at tea time. This Lotte Alpert–designed Lazy Teapot nestles right into a warming base and tilts over to dispense liquid directly into a cup. The only work comes when you have to carry it over to the sink to fill it up with water. Photo: The Lazy Teapot by Lotte Alpert

Bed Maker دستگاه مرتب کننده تخت خواب اتوماتیک

Your mom was wrong: You don't have to make your bed every day. Let Selfy, the self-making-bed machine, do it for you. Designed by Enrico Berruti, this contraption attaches your bed sheets to fasteners that slide along the sides of the bed, pulling them upward in a robotic fashion to create a finished look. It also doubles as a device that will prevent you from ever oversleeping. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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